How To Use

Easy to Use! Just Comb through with Comb-in-Applicator.

  1. 1. Preparation

    Put your hair together. Easy to apply to the back of the head and collar, preventing uneven application.

  2. 2. Shake

    Squeeze out all the contents of Tube 1 to Bottle 2. Tighten the cap and strongly shake the bottle 30 times to mix well!

  3. 3. Apply

    Replace the cap with Comb-Nozzle and apply to the entire hair.

  4. 4. Shampoo

    Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse off the mixture and shampoo twice, gently squeeze water out from hair.

  5. 5. Complete1

    Apply the pH Controller to the hair thoroughly, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off.

  6. 6. Complete2

    Apply conditioner and rinse off. Towel dry and put After Color Treatment on entire hair, dry well and style as usual.

For safety hair coloring:

  • Please read the instruction leaflet carefully before use.
  • Do not color your hair if you have ever experienced any reactions after coloring your hair.
  • A skin allergy test must be conducted each time you color your hair.